- December 11, 2016

Creating and Editing Content and Contacts

Almost all the dynamic content on a Brick River site comes from records that are stored as Content or Contacts.

In general, Content records represent ideas, articles and items of information, while Contact records represent people, places, and things.

When you define new types of content for your site, sometimes it's obvious whether to define things as Content or Contacts.

Recipes, Testimonials, and Instructional Videos would be custom Content.  Company cars, Volunteers, and Staff Members would be custom Contacts.

Sometimes it's not so obvious.  If a summer camp website wants to feature news about the six horses that live at the camp - are horses Content or Contacts?

They could probably be either - it's up to you.

Remember that Contacts can interact with the Registration and Email Center - and Contacts can write News and Blog posts.  So if you want each horse to be able to write blog posts - then define Horses as Contacts.

If you want to include Horses in the pages that promote camp activities - then define a Content type called Activities - and then create records for Horses along with Archery, Canoeing, and Pottery.