- December 31, 2016

Twice the WYSIWYG

One of the things that Content Creators love about Brick River is that we make it super easy to edit a web page in a WYSIWYG window.  Lots of CMS applications give you a WYSIWYG for the documents that you create to be posted on the web - things like blog posts, news articles and events.

Brick River does that - but also provides and easy way for developers to create Pages with Content Editable Areas.  This means you can see a whole page in the Page Editor Window in a way the prevents you from messing up the parts you shouldn't touch - but let's you easily edit the parts you should touch.

For the Helpers Page of this Demo site we created the Layout, Inner Mixed Content, which includes the three editable areas:
  • @RenderSection("one")
  • @RenderSection("two")
  • @RenderSection("three")
Open the Helpers page in Design view and you will see that you can place your cursor in each of these areas and edit content using the WYSIWYG tools provided.

Not every CMS application cares enough to give you that feature but we do.