- December 25, 2016

Content Management with Brick River

Have you watched the Brick River Trial orientation video for communicators - online here?

Here's a quick summary of the video, plus some additional tips.

The sample content included in the trial account include:

  • Blog Posts, Events, Features, and News articles - found on the Content Menu
  • Authors, People, and Conference Rooms - found on the Contacts Menu
  • The Demo Website - it's Layouts and Pages - found on the Site Menu

Edit Existing Records

Any of the existing Content and Contact records in your Trial account can be edited.  Just open any record in edit mode, make changes and click Save.  Any changes will be immediately reflected on the Demo website.

Add New Records

From any View on the Content or Contact menu, click the New button to create a New Record.  You don't need to enter data to every field on a form - however leaving some fields empty may affect how content appears on Website pages.  You can click the Highlight Web Fields button to see the pages that display information - choose a site and click GO - and the form will highlight fields that display on that page.

Delete Records

From any record click the Actions button and Delete to delete the record.

The Conference Room Custom View

The Blog Posts, Events, News, Features, Authors, Email Registrants, and People are core Views that are defined in each Brick River account.
Conference Rooms is a custom View.  We added it to the trial account to demonstrate that you can create any type of custom Content or Contact in Brick River,

Defining custom content requires creating and editing an XML document.  If you're interested in this process - check out the orientation video for developers - on line here, and check out relevant articles in the online Developer's Guide.

You'll find lots of additional info and videos about Content Management in the online User's Guide.