- December 17, 2016

Contacts and Users are Two Different Things Entirely.

Brick River Users and Contacts are similar - but they are not the same thing.

Only a User can log in to the Brick River Web Console to perform whatever management tasks their permission level allows.

People who are in the system as Contacts ( whether their type is Author, People or something else) can be assigned a Username and Password - but that does not allow them to log in to the Web Console.  Contacts can use their credentials to 'Log In' to Brick River content using a web browser - but only if an administrator creates specific data forms and secure pages to make this possible.

This Demo website allows Contacts to log in to update their own profile using this secure page.

The People that we added to the trial all have a UserName and Password that is the same as their first name - So you can log in as
  • User: eric
  • Password: eric
to edit the profile of Eric Zheng.

In many Brick River systems - people are both Users and Contacts.  But in the Trial database Eric Zheng is not a User - so you can't use his credentials to access the Web Console